All about the greens

So Hi everybody!
This is the start to my much awaited blog (at least by me). It is a big step for a certified procrastinator like me (or an optimist there is always tomorrow!!!!).
There will be a whole new world of  nutritious possibilities of finger licking creations with sometimes familiar and sometimes a little strange unusual greens incorporated in amazing ways in grains,soups, salads, smoothies, pilafs, pastas, dips and the  list  goes on. I promise you it will be a greenilicious and herbilicious journey. It will not be complete without your participation, comments and criticism. The aim is to introduce greens like kale (black and green), swiss chard (red and green), bitter dandelion, collard greens, Aragula, Watercress, beet greens sour sorrel, bitter fenugreek, differennt salad greens, cauliflower leaves (yes those are edible and good source of Iron too!!), and  best of all these are free, most grocery store pull the extra leaves out and throw them. They are more than happy to give these away.




Swiss Chard


Fenugreek Leaves

What can I  say greens stand for vitality, without greens there is no life.

Now the science behind the greens, they are the most potent superfood on the planet. All these dark green leafy vegetables are typically low in calories and fat and very high in fiber.

These nutritional powerhouses are rich source ofminerals ( Inc. Iron,Calcium,Potassium and Magnesium) & vitamins K,C,E and manyB vitamins.They also provide a variety of phytonutrients Including betacarotene,Lutein.

If what’ s  inside does not count for you doesn’t matter, they taste so darn good & enhance and elevate the taste of everything that you cook them with.
It is recommended we eat 3 cups of uncooked dark green leafy vegetables per week which is not much, cooking shrivels them to practically nothing .
In other words love them or dislike them do not, I repeat, do not stop eating them .


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