From now on in every recipe I will include nutritional information about the different vegetables used.In this recipe I have used turnips a root vegetable low in calories a storehouse of Vitamin C, potassium, manganese, copper and dietary fiber. A perfect seasonal vegetable for cold winter months.

Most people are scared when they hear dandelion being used in food but its bitter taste is indicative of its therapeutic value,it is excellent for detoxing the liver and sautéing it in little oil makes it more palatable (also addition in a tomato based soup balances it’s bitterness).

Another new herb used in this recipe is Tarragon which is very aromatic has Anise, Licorice, basil like flavor with sour lemony aftertaste also brings a very pleasant balance to the melange of different vegetables in the soup. Also it is a herb which is not used often (basil or oregano used instead)

This soup will be very hearty, low fat and rich in flavor.

Soon I will be posting a special chapter just on beans, how to soak, sprout, cook and a whole lot more.

Also feel free to express your opinions about the recipes that you see here, what your experience is when you try them and what else you would like to see here.


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