Mango Salad with Aragula

A delicious vibrant salad with a melange of flavours where the bitterness of Aragula balances out the sweetness from the mangoes, red pepper and marinated onions.


1 mango firm ripe mango peeled cut into matchstick like slices
11/2 red onion sliced and marinated  in juice of 1tbsp. of lemon  juice
1 red pepper seeded and sliced
1-2 cup of Aragula
2 tbsp. crushed peanuts (optional)
Finely chopped green chillies (optional , according to taste )

1 tsp.sugar
2 tsp sambal oelek
2 tsp.Tamari or soya sauce
2 tsp. Extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp.finely chopped mint and cilantro

1. Mix the above dressing and keep for few hours ( it tastes better )
2. Toss all the above ingredients with the dressing and serve.
3. Garnish with peanuts and a mint leaf and serve.

P.S. About Aragula – Also known as rocket , part of the Brassicae family is used as a herb as well as a high fiber , high potassium , nutrient rich green leafy vegetable. Grown as an edible herb since Roman times it was described by various classical authors as an aphrodisiac.It has an exceptionally rich, pungent and peppery taste. Before the 1980s salad rocket was comparatively little known in the English-speaking world outside of immigrant Italian communities and among devotees of Italian cooking, but by 2006 the green herb had become a marker for culinary sophistication, upward mobility, multiculturalism, and even elitism. Vanity Fair writer and editor David Kamp gave his book about the spread of American mass-media culinary sophistication the prophetic title: The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation (Clarkson Potter, 2006). Two years later, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama became associated with arugula. ( from Wkipedia )


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