Why It Is Important To Include Leafy Greens And Eat Whole Grains

It has been a beautiful warm, busy summer so far with family visiting me. My nephew who has Type 1 diabetes was impressed when he saw my blog but right away pointed some vital information missing from there .The key thing he wanted me to specify with each recipe was how  high or low it was on Glycemic Index which is important for a diabetic. I want to specify that all receipes ( except Baklava and the Rice pudding off course!!! ) are created and modified so that they are low on Glycemic Index meaning eating them will Not cause sudden release of hormone Insulin (which under the best of circumstances is not good for our body ).

All the receipes I post are using whole grains (complex carbohydrates  ) with lots of leafy greens , our body needs to break these down into simple carbohydrates so that the body can utilize the energy and the nutrients for its vital functions .

When we eat refined foods with absence of any fiber there is a rise in blood sugar as the body does not need long to break down these foods for energy, which causes Insulin to be released rapidly into the blood stream causing a sudden burst of energy and then the rapid crash resulting into food cravings. Addition of soluble fibre (some beans , oats ,vegetables etc.) or insoluble fiber in form of wheat bran, some beans .all lentils etc) not only provide bulk , prevent many chronic diseases, promote satiety but also lower LDL cholestrol and reduce total cholestrol.

And to top it all off  all these foods are nutritional powerhouses so happy Greenzgrains everybody ,enjoy cooking and eating healthier foods and love your greens ( plenty of reason to !! ).

P.S Coming soon many receipes with fresh vibrant Sorrel , fresh garlic and kale and Collard greens from my yard !!!


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