Coconutty Sweet Corn and Collard Curry

Food has to be visually appealing, taste good and be healthy too !!! Seems like a tall order right but the fact remains that we eat with our eyes first, take in the fragrant aromas, hear the sizzle and Voila !!! our mouth salivates and digestive juices start flowing.

And if any dish can accomplish that and be super healthy for you  and is easy to prepare that is a cherry and the icing on the cake so to speak !!! ( as long as the cake is super healthy too!!! go figure ). Well this dish here accomplishes all that and more according to me at least !!!

It has the superfood green kale and collard greens, beautiful golden organic corn, bright red cubanelle peppers and sulphur rich green onions.

Try and let me know what you think, comments are always welcome but are in short supply!!!


1 cup sweet corn preferably organic frozen or fresh

1 red pepper chopped into 1 inch pieces

3 – 4  leaves kale or collard greens or both mixed or spinach finely chopped

1 jalepeno or green chilli finely chopped

quarter cup coconut milk

quarter cup tomato puree

quarter cup whisked  plain or greek yoghurt

2 – 4 green onions finely chopped

1 clove of garlic finely chopped

half tsp. roasted cumin powder ( or it could be unroasted cumin powder,roasting tends to bring out more fragrant and stronger flavours )

1 tbsp. ghee or extra virgin olive oil




1. Heat 1 tbsp. of ghee, add garlic, chopped greens and jalepeno pepper, toss for few minutes on medium heat.

2. Now add red pepper and corn niblets and let cook for 6 – 8 min. till the corn is soft and the red pepper is tender crisp.

3. Add salt, spring onions, cumin powder and stir.

4. After 2 minutes add tomato puree, whisked yoghurt and coconut milk.

5. Mix thoroughly and let the beautiful fragrant curry heat through and the flavours soak in.

6.  Serve this delicious curry with fragrant basmati rice or chapati.

7. Enjoy!!!


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