Is there any difference between white and brown sugar?

great myth busting information!!! Enjoy




  Hey everyone,

    Today I would like to talk a bit about two most often talked kinds of sugar namely white and brown sugar. It is often believed that brown sugar is very healthy whereas white sugar is not a good choice for those that want to stay healthy and fit. In fact, the main difference is molasses. White sugar is simply bleached from brownish molasses.  The opposite situation happens with brown sugar. It is produced by adding molasses back to the white sugar and therefore there is a difference in terms of yellow/white color of one kind and brownish of another. In fact, molasses gives a specific flavor which makes brown sugar more sweet, rich in taste, moist and  more of clumpy texture.

   It also should be noted that the perception towards the usage of both kinds differ. White sugar is often perceived as an…

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